Before the Storm

It’s been way too long since my community has seen me live on Twitch. I have missed every minute of it, the laughs we had, the tears we shed during fundraisers, all of it!

It’s time

Since Covid hit us all, I have been absent from my streaming world. All the work I put in to create an amazing community, my Partnership with Twitch and many other brands that supported me along the way. But that was the past, but now it’s time to create new beginnings.

Changes were Made

A lot has changed since my last stream. I had to put others first, health issues the last few years and a few new family members. As you age, you start to think back to what you could have changed, what you could have improved and what you can do now to be in that space that makes you happy.

Anxiety and Streaming

During the last few years, there were times I would plan to hit that LIVE button, but when it came time to hit it, emotions would start. My fears and my anxiety would kick in, and all my concerns would steer me away. I even had my office turned into a storage room. I don’t think I did this on purpose. I ran out of space to store my things. My craft room was now a bedroom and a nursery/playroom. The basement was now a two-bedroom apartment for my in-laws. So all my things went into my office, the computers still off and the monitors black. Was this the end of my streaming?

New Family Members

During the spring of 2022, I rescued a tiny little fledgeling. I had no idea what type of bird it was, so I did some research and discovered it was a crow. To save this little feathered friend after discovering no mom was around and it would not be safe for it outside alone. I brought it inside, fed it, and kept it safe. It developed into a strong bird but I knew it was a wild bird and one day I had to release it back into its environment. That was a bittersweet day.

The next few days, I was missing my feathered friend so I decided in July of 2022 to adopt 2 budgies. Sunny and Stormy! That was the beginning of my feathered flock. In August of 2022, Daffy was adopted and my heart melted.

Daffy – 3 months old

Flock Grows in 2023

The year went by so fast. Daffy and the budgies were growing. Daffy was picking up so many words. Yes, he talks!! Loud at times. My daughter decided to adopt a Rose Crown conure so our little flock grew. Around my Birthday in February, I rescued a Sun Conure. Mango!!! Mango was about 1.5 years old, beautiful but also LOUD. Which I never realized before I rescued him. He was fully flighted, unlike Daffy who sadly had his wings clipped when I adopted him. My living room became a bird room. Perches surrounded the room so they had a place to perch. It’s amazing to watch them fly and play and come to you for snuggles.


New Adventures have Started!

It’s now 2024, Office is sorted. It’s now a Bird/craft/streaming room where new adventures can take place. I can have my babies out with me while I work away drawing new creations. I do all my printing at night so they don’t get spooked by the noises. Computers have been turned on and now Hugzie.TV has been redesigned. The last time I touched this site was back in 2018.

I’m going to take baby steps to get back into streaming. It’s really hard to start over but I enjoyed it so much and it made me happy making others happy. My babies will be included during my streams. New emotes, Animated emotes and a new design for my Twitch page. One of my amazing followers who reached out to me suggested starting with a creative stream! Where I would feel comfortable and relaxed so less anxiety.

So many games are out now. A few weeks ago I picked up a few games to play. Hogwarts and Diablo. Howarts was just amazing. I stayed up so late playing this. I finished the main story in just a few days. I have not played a PC game in years. I never had access to my computers to play a game. For the streams, I’m thinking about getting House Flipper 2 plus the DLCs for the first one. Tell me what you think about seeing me stream this. Back to my roots as an Interior Architect?

One day at a time….. new adventures, overcoming my fears, building everything back up and starting over. Sounds like a great plan for the future.

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