About Hugzie

I’m Hugzie!

My Online screen name 😉
Started official Streaming October 20, 2015

Partnered Twitch Broadcaster | Creative Streamer | Gamer | http://twitch.tv/hugzie

 |m Veteran Spouse who has decided to start a New Adventure to Broadcast on Twitch.TV! With this adventure, I have shared my love for Creative Streaming and Gaming to my Twitch Community.  I also have found new love for Painting. Be sure to check out her BoB Ross painting on Twitch.
The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams!

Here is a list of the Creative Streaming topics she has done:

  • Bob Ross Painting – Oil and Acrylic
  • Perler PixelArt
  • Musical instrument Construction
  • Archery Bow Crafting
  • Sequin Art
  • Sketching

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The gamer in me plays anything and everything from American Truck Simulator , Fallout 4 to Alien Isolation. Horrors are Great fun with our Community! I’m not the best at some games but I have LOTS of fun playing them!

Our community is friendly and very respectful that love to laugh and have a great time! Age has no limits on Gaming!!! Life is too short and if I can put a smile on their faces its all worth while! Enjoy Life to its Fullest!

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I have only been streaming for a short time and since then I have completed many goals. I have also been PROUDLY Partnered with Discord, Partnered with Twitch and many other partnerships within the gaming industry

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My Background: 
Been gaming for over 20 years, that does not include my “early” console days! Atari and Intellivision <3 I enjoy graphic design, web design and many other creative adventures.
When not streaming… I’m looking after my Parrots. I have 7 at the moment.  3 Parakeets, 2 Quakers, 1 Rose Crown Conure and a Sun Conure.

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Hugzie’s Creations:

Hugzie’s Creations is my online shop where you can purchase Hugzie Creations such as  Mugs, Stickers and other items that I create with love.  Be sure to check out my Online Shop for the latest products.  Hugzie’s Creations