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Exciting News … Bucket List?

How many people have a bucket list? I know I have one and a few weeks ago, I decided to look at that list. On that list, I had two goals I wanted to try and complete. One was to complete my Colouring Book, publish it and make it available to everyone. The other goal was to write a children’s book and have it published. Well…. I completed BOTH!

Colouring Book

Let’s start with this news! I have worked on this one colouring book for a few months now. Since I was inspired by my parrots, I created Feathers & Hues: A Parrot Colouring Adventure.
This engaging and immersive colouring book transports you into the enchanting world of birds. With a focus on avian diversity and the vibrant hues found in nature, it invites you to explore intricate illustrations and captivating designs.

Feathers & Hues

First Children’s Book !

After I published the colouring book, I decided it was time to start the children’s story. I sat down and came up with the idea, title and main points I wanted to cover. The result was amazing !! At least I think it is! My first Childen’s Book was published.
Theo and the Curious Bunny
Theo and the Curious Bunny

In this charming tale, Theo discovers a magical bunny who leads him on an unexpected adventure. Together, they explore hidden burrows, chase rainbows, and learn the true meaning of friendship. As Theo follows the bunny’s paw prints, he unravels secrets that connect their worlds in delightful ways.

More Books?

Since the first published book was released, I was amazed when I saw one sold. This inspired me to continue with the Theo series. So the layout started, the pages being filled with text. This time, the story was focused on Theo and his Autistic adventures. The process is always exciting. The moment the cover was completed, the pages that were just words took on more colour, and the story began to unfold onto the pages. This is the part that I love! I even added a personal touch, Daffy is in both books.

Theo : How he Painted the world with wonder

Theo: How He Painted the World with Wonder

Is a heartwarming tale that unfolds in a quiet neighbourhood where maple trees whisper secrets and sunflowers nod in approval. Here, young Theo resides, a boy whose eyes hold galaxies, sparkling with curiosity and dancing to their rhythm. Theo is autistic, and his mind is a kaleidoscope of wonders.

There is more, another book!

After I published the last Theo book, I was asked to write a story about a soccer game. The idea was developed, the layout was created and the pages were filled with words. The fun part began with the cover creation. Creating the Cover is the most amazing part of this process. The colours, are the main focus of the story you want to display. It’s the book’s first impression that you want your audience to see, to pull them in and want to read more of the story.

Raiden's Big Game Day

Raiden’s Big Game Day

On the sun-drenched soccer field, Raiden faces the championship match, after months of hard work and dreams. With lightning-fast footwork, he weaves through defenders, dodges Diego, the fierce Cobra captain, and launches the ball into the net. As the crowd erupts, Raiden becomes a legend, a force of nature on the soccer field.

Now I don’t plan on stopping after this last published book. I have on the horizon, my Twitch creative colouring book to be released in a few days. This will include my doodles from 2017 until 2022, the ones I drew on stream while you watched. This project has been on the go since 2018 when I had the dream of creating my very own Hugzie Colouring Book. Well, it is almost here! All the creations I created with passion while enjoying my community’s company on stream.

Bucket lists are amazing. If you have not created one, create one today. It will inspire you to complete your goals and dreams! Not all things on your list can be unreachable! You can have dreams come true.

You can purchase my books on Amazon. You can also follow me on the Author Page so you can be notified when I publish a new book!

Happy Reading!

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